Welcome to our August newsletter, did you all miss us last month?

We’ll we’re back now after some travels and what is usually a slower period here in the UAE. I’ve got to say there was a bit of rush of activity in late June and July as I’m sure people were trying to complete projects before the break. August was a quieter month which allowed us to catch our breath a little and finalise some projects. Now with the schools returning and the city coming back to life - I’m certain things are going to hectic again!

It’s hard to believe that a company that started with just Jason and I has in the past weeks reached 30 people! Whilst the growth has been rapid in the past 12-18 months, I’m very glad to say that’s it still very much been organic and required to meet our increased demand. I do wonder where we might be this time next year though!

So here’s wishing that the 2nd half of 2018 is a fruitful and productive time for you and your loved ones!

Damian Hehir

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Tech of the Month - Bose QC35 II
I had been debating if I should invest in some good noise cancelling headphones for some time. I already had a set, but when they expired it was time to take a look again!  

Bose are widely recognised as having the best noise cancelling tech in the market, and when they released their first bluetooth over ears - I was seriously tempted. The new version (with the II) just adds a Google Assistant button but otherwise remains largely the same. Finding a discount on souq.com - I couldn’t resist.

Firstly I was really impressed with how light and comfortable the headphones are. I’ve worn them for hours upon hours and you basically forget they’re even there. I also love the case that they come with and the way that they fold which makes them particularly travel friendly.  

The noise cancelling as I discovered on my first flight with them is top notch as expected. I’m no audiophile, but I’m more than happy with the sound that comes out - although if you read online reviews this is a point of criticism.

So if you travel a lot like me, or just work in a crowded environment - I would seriously suggest giving these a try!
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