Firstly I would like to wish Ramadan Kareem to all of my Muslim friends and colleagues. Having lived in the region for many years now, I appreciate the importance that it holds and it’s always great to see the emphasis on family and community that comes during the Holy Month.

We think that knowing a bit more about Ramadan is important for anyone that’s new to the region, or may just be curious to learn more. As an e-learning company, of course we developed a short module that you can learn about many of the aspects of the Holy Month. If you know anyone who you think would like to (or should!) learn more, please share it with them. We’d also love if you could share it on social media to give it a wider audience.

Last month we announced Capyskills, which represents Capytech’s efforts of building a unique soft skills platform. Firstly, I would like to thank all those who enrolled in the free course available there and gave us valuable feedback. We’ve continued to apply this feedback and build out the platform. Soon we will be launching more content there as well, so watch this space!

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous month ahead, and I look forward to what we can talk about next month.


Damian Hehir

Ramadan E-Learning Module

It’s always good to remind ourselves about the importance of Ramadan. We want to increase awareness of the Holy Month, and think an e-learning module is a perfect way to do so!
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9 E-Learning Gamification Tips 

Gamification is still very much a hot topic when it comes to e-learning. We’re always looking to extend our capabilities here, and so here are some tips on getting more out of it.
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Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning – What the Future Holds

AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in technology and is only likely to continue to become more so. It can also be applied to e-learning, so here are some predictions of what might happen.
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5 Best Practices For Designing A Great Microlearning Experience

We love microlearning and that’s why we adopted it for Capyskills. This article give a handful of tips on how best to design it.
An Extensive Guide on Instructional Design Best Practices
This free ebook is a good introduction to some of the basic elements of instructional design. It would be a good primer for anyone just starting out.
This 18-year-old entrepreneur's app will help the blind see using AI
We mentioned AI in an above article about e-learning, but here’s another inspirational usage of it. It’s great to see young entrepreneurs leveraging technology for such worthwhile purposes.

App of the Month - Newton Mail
Doing most of the business development activities for Capytech, I find myself sending a LOT of emails. I really like the Gmail interface on desktop and have used it for a long time, but wanted something a bit more powerful on the mobile devices that I’m often on.

Enter Newton Mail.

Newton is a subscription based mail service that you can connect to your existing email accounts like Gmail, Outlook and others. It gives you a few key extra features though that I really like.

Firstly I get a consistent interface across all my devices. The same interactions and UI carry across more or less unchanged from Mac, iPhone and iPad. It gives me read receipts and allows me to schedule emails for later (so there not going out at 6am when I’m sometimes writing them). Plus I really love the variety of graphics you get when you reach inbox zero.


So far it’s been very robust and I use it for all my work and personal email. If you’re looking for a powerful email client that still has a nice aesthetic (and you don’t mind paying!) - then give Newton Mail a try - let me know what you think.
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