It’s been another exciting month here at Capytech. One of the most interesting things about a young company is that every week there are new challenges to overcome. The learning curve is incredibly steep, but it’s also so rewarding.

On the back of our work with the Prime Minister’s Office, we’ve won a couple of contracts with new clients which is always great. As our reputation builds and builds, and the quality of our products continues to improve - getting more big name clients become (ever so slightly!) easier. We’re almost 4 years full time at this now, and it’s great to see the momentum build.

The other huge thing occupying us is our preparation for the HR Summit in a couple of weeks time. This is only our second trade show ever and we’re excited for what we’re preparing.  As a small company we have to work closely to make sure we get all our collateral ready in time and optimise our investment.

The HR Summit is running from 12-14 November at Dubai World Trade Center. We would love to see you there (we have prizes!). So please click on one of the links here to register (it’s free!).  If you want a delegate pass, let me know and I can arrange a good discount for it too.

Here’s to another productive month ahead!

Damian Hehir

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Tech of the Month - Microsoft Surface Pro
Anyone that has known me for the past decade are going to be shocked by this recommendation! I have been firmly in the Apple ecosystem for close to 15 years and have barely touched a Windows machine in that time.  

When I was looking for a new computer I had a couple of criteria:
  1. Ultra Portable - for my travels and to carry around
  2. Touch Screen - to conduct demos on (currently on an iPad)
  3. Full Office Experience - the fact that I can’t put two Word docs side by side on my iPad KILLS me

A Mac meets two of these criteria, but there’s little chance of a touch screen coming soon. I love my iPad and use it for hours a day, but the fact is I can only operate at 75% efficiency on it and probably lower when it comes to writing proposals. Enter the Surface Pro!

The hardware is simply amazing. I meet all the above criteria and the form factor is just brilliant. I can carry it easily all day and can work optimally whether demoing our products or writing that 20 page proposal. I’m still getting used to Windows 10, but I’m actually really enjoying it!  

I still use my Macbook Pro at home as I have all my apps that I’ve gotten used to on it, but it now never leaves the house. I have some cognitive friction switching between the two, but I feel it’s worth it.

Microsoft has been knocking it out of the park of late with their hardware. So if you’ve not considered their offerings in a while, it might be time to take another look!
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