Whilst the past couple of months have been of consolidation and a bit of business as usual, I have two exciting pieces of news to share with you this month.

Firstly, we’re going to be exhibiting at the HR Summit and Expo on 12-14 of November here in Dubai. We are very picky about the shows that we chose to attend, and this will only be our second show in the last four years. We’ve started our preparation for it already as I’m sure it will very quickly be upon us!  I’m sure many of you will get some invitations to attend, so watch this space!

The second piece of news was the launch of a massive e-learning project we just completed for the Prime Minister’s Office here in Dubai. It was such a huge honour that we would be trusted by such a high profile client for their e-learning. They want to make the experience of dealing with government as happy as possible, so this program focuses on the customer journey and making it as joyful as possible.

We developed 11 modules in total with more than 2.5 hours of animation fully in Arabic. I am so proud of our team for all their efforts. This was a huge milestone for us and I think represents a big step forward for us as a company!

Here are a few photos from the event!

Some government staff trying out the e-learning

  The Minister for Happiness was there herself for the launch.

Can you see how proud I am?!


Damian Hehir

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Tech of the Month - Oak Meditation App
Perhaps something that many won’t know about me is that I’m an avid meditator. I’ve been doing it on and off for probably 15 years, and much more frequently in the past four or five. It’s the one part of my morning routine that I never skip, and I’ll often try and incorporate it during my day if it’s particularly hectic or overwhelming.

I’ve used a lot of different apps and recordings over the years. I’ve used the excellent Headspace app for quite some time, but wasn’t using a lot of it’s different recording so didn’t see that it was worth the annual subscription. I’ve also downloaded some excellent guided sessions from Sam Harris and Tara Brach (both of which you can find on Youtube).

For the past few months though I’ve been using a great new app. It was developed by quite a famous figure in tech called Kevin Rose. He has become an avid meditator, and wanted to give something back by producing a meditation app - the result is Oak. It has a variety of breathing exercises, guided and unguided meditation as well as my new favourite loving kindness.

It’s beautifully designed, with badges and streaks to monitor your performance (as well as integration to Apple’s Health kit), and best of all - it’s completely free! Right now it’s available only for iPhone, but the Android version is already in the works.  

If you’re curious about meditation and want to have an easy way of trying it out, or even if you’re a regular meditator - I’d recommend giving Oak a try.
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