The year has gotten off to a frantic start it seems and it’s hard to believe we are already into February! I thought I’d get the year off with a bang, and announce a new partnership that we finalised late in 2018.

Capytech is partnering with GO1 to bring an amazing library of off-the-shelf e-learning to the UAE market. This has been an area that we had consciously not focused on as we wanted to carve our niche in the custom development space.

This partnership gives Capytech an amazing new capability and really completes our suite of e-learning offerings. I’ve written more about why we made this decision and about GO1 in this blog post.

I hope that your year has gotten off to an amazing start like ours has. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 11 months ahead!

Damian Hehir

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Tech of the Month - Google Lens
I was recently fortunate enough to go on a vacation to Italy for the first time. Of course the country needs no explanation on its cultural richness and plethora of historical sites.

Whilst walking the streets of Florence, I realised there were some building that weren’t well signposted and I wanted to learn more. So I thought it was time to give Google Lens a try. I had heard of it before, but not used it in anger so to speak.

By pointing it at monuments and buildings, it used a combination of location (GPS) and photographic recognition (I’m sure there is ample AI being used there) to identify what I was looking at. This would then give me a snippet of information that would usually link to a Wikipedia article.

We tried this in some art galleries also, and had a bit less success with this as it would often just default to the gallery. So Google Engineers (who I’m sure follow Capytech closely!), an amazing new feature would be the ability to identify art and then give more information about it and its creator… although I bet there is an app out there that does this already!

So next time you’re out on an adventure, why not download Google Lens and give it a try. I’m sure some places have better coverage than others, but I’m sure it’s worth the experiment!
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