The past month has been another busy one as always, actually busier than I expected. I told Jason that with summer and Ramadan being here, that we can expect a slowdown from the business development front.

How wrong I was!

The past month has been probably our busiest yet in responding to new business enquiries and proposal writing. Of course not all of it will materialise into actual business, but I’m glad my predictions were wrong.

Speaking of proposals, I’ve done a lot of work in reducing the length and complexity of our proposals. Most of our e-learning proposals were pushing 20 pages, but now I have them in 2-3 typically. I’ve done this by linking to a number of supporting documents about us, our services and how we manage projects. So far this has been received very warmly. People are busier than ever, so getting to the meat of a proposal is appreciated.

Doing small things like this, things that are often obvious and easy to overlook are great way of pushing a company forward by just a little bit. Other examples (and how obvious are these!) is adding this newsletter to our website and adding a subscribe button as well. Small things, but those 1% improvements certainly add up over time.

Speaking of Ramadan which finishes this week, take a look at our Ramadan e-learning module. We would be thrilled if you could share it. We won’t be having a newsletter in July as I’ll spend much of the month on the road, so we’ve jammed this one full of extra resources for you. Thanks again for reading!

Damian Hehir


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It might be the military man coming out in me, but I cherish being organised. Every person I might do business is stored within my Pipedrive CRM (featured last month) and everything I need to do outside of this is within my preferred todo list - Todoist.

I love Todoist because it has great apps that sync very well across any device (much better than Apple Reminders for instance). I can quickly add a task using force touch in my phone, and then go back to my computer for further processing.

All my todo items are organised or tagged with areas like ‘Admin’, ‘Push Activities’, ‘Proposals’ etc. It has smart date recognition and organisation built in eg. “remind me each Sunday to close a massive deal #proposal” and it will automatically schedule and categorise this.

I can also quickly forward an email to a todoist address, and it will add it my inbox there. I use the premium plan, and have done for some time, and it’s worth every cent. I know that there is a team function also, but I’ve not explored this yet. Because I can interact with it so quickly, schedule and categorise items easily - it means that little slips through the cracks. Essential when running a growing company like Capytech.

I love this app, and whilst there are a few others that do similar things, this fits me like a glove. You can try it for free without some of the features I mentioned above. I don’t think you’ll regret it!
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