E-learning is cost efficient

Benefits of E-Learning

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Benefits of E-Learning

Incorporating e-learning into your company’s training delivery can seem like a daunting task. Often, existing courseware has developed over time to include a huge variety of resources. Is changing format to e-learning worthwhile? To help answer this question, let’s look at some of the benefits.


It’s cost efficient. Whilst it does cost to convert existing courses into e-learning, you will no longer need to hire venues, incur travel and lunch expenses and pay for hours of face to face teaching time. Pulling employees out of the work place for long periods can also be a thing of the past. Teaching purists might find this lack of face-to-face learning worrying, but e-learning can easily be blended with classroom time. Plus, embedding video and audio in an e-learning platform is simple.


It’s learner–led. Students can access their courses whenever and wherever they want. Most employees don’t want to spend their time making their way to training centres, fitting mandatory training into their day in exchange for lieu time is far more appealing to most.


Training teams love it! By developing a well implemented learning management system, reporting and tracking elements are tied in. Automatic updates can be sent to designated inboxes when certificates are about to expire, along with regular reports on progress of learners, user attempts and quiz results.


It’ll make your training more efficient. A learning management system can hold all your course resources in a standardised format and in the correct order for delivery. No more hunting around for the correct hand outs, a user just needs to log on to access your learning. Having a structure in place also makes it easier to add new courses, and quickly communicate updates such as policy or procedure changes.


And finally, standardising training in a national or global business. Is your team working remotely? E-learning means you can provide exactly the same training, wherever they are. A good learning management system will also make use out of interactive elements such as webinars and message boards. These features can help create a more collaborative learning experience and ensure your employees feel less isolated.


So there it is, it may be an intimidating task, but moving towards e-learning clearly has huge benefits. Capytech can make it even easier by working with you to carefully interpret your courseware and create bespoke learning management systems.

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