Work 2point0 stand

Work 2.0 Wrap Up

Damian Hehir General

Wow, what an incredible past couple of days we’ve just had!

Work 2.0 was our first exhibition, and I’m thrilled to say that it was an outstanding success! Jason and I were busy the entire time basically, often with both of us talking to different groups simultaneously.

I think we paid for our investment in the first hours of the first day. Whilst we’re of course yet to convert it to confirmed deals, it looks very promising – and we’ve now presented to a large number of big companies here in Dubai.

What might have taken weeks/months of effort – we completed in a couple of days!

Our stand went well, and we learnt some good lessons for next time. Our gamification (which we’ll soon release to everyone) was a big hit – and it had the desired impact. A great job from our team putting that (and everything else I wanted!!) together in time.

We’ll announce the winners for both prizes next week, and I’m negotiating with the excellent service Fetchr to have them delivered.

I’ll also be re-recording my presentation on blended learning and posting it on our website, so keep an eye out for that if you missed it.

A special thanks goes to Ben who got me onboard, answered all of my (often silly) questions and also introduced me so many great leads.

Thanks also to Georgie and Kim who were at the receiving end of my (sometimes) ‘constructive’ feedback. Thanks for taking it in your stride and making it a great show. Hopefully next year we will get an app that’s up for the task!

Also thanks to Pragna for arranging early access to the venue. This allowed us to build our stands the day before, and thus relieved a lot of stress.

Also thanks to Raina from Z-Axis Media. They printed our stand designs, and did a great job. Very happy to recommend them, and they provide a lot more value then their competition.

I know I don’t need to, but thanks to Jason for flying out for these few days. Things are busy right now, but it wouldn’t have been the same (or been possible!) without you. Thanks mate.

Lastly, a big thanks to our amazing CapyTeam. You guys put in so much effort creating great designs, interfaces and games. Jason and I looked and felt great due to your effort. There wouldn’t be a Capytech without your work, and you make it easy to sell such great products. Thanks.

Looking forward to next year! Where do I sign up?

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My presentation about Blended Learning went great too!