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How Your Small Business Can Benefit from E-Learning

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit from E-Learning E-learning is a tool that businesses in all industries are increasingly using to train their staff. This includes everything from training new recruits on systems and processes, compliance training for everyone, and upskilling for existing employees. What about using e-learning in your small business, though? As a small business, you won’t have …

IMG 0830 900x900 - Married to a start-up – the experience of a Capywag

Married to a start-up – the experience of a Capywag

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Intro from Damian I don’t think there would be Capytech without Beth.  It’s a bold statement, but without her unquestioned support and unwavering belief in us – I think both Jason and I would have given up in the hard early days when most failed companies do.  She deserves as much credit for our success as anyone.  Whilst Jason and …

go1 alliance

Capytech, GO1.com form strong alliance

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Capytech, GO1.com form strong alliance As many of you will know, Capytech has created a great niche in the UAE/GCC market developing custom e-learning content. We’ve delivered to great companies like DP World and Majid Al Futtaim, as well as government entities like the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Human Resources. We were missing something though. I had …

Tripod and Capytech

Capytech and Tripod Partners sign Joint Venture

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Capytech and Tripod Partners sign Joint Venture As the contact form on our website says, we’re always interested in exciting business opportunities. Well today I’m announcing a new joint venture (JV) that we’re undertaking with Tripod Partners. I first met Dave from Tripod a year or so back when he was making some enquiries into e-learning. Whilst we didn’t do …

Kappa explainer

Making our clients happy

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Making our clients happy We pride ourselves on a number of things at Capytech.  First are our innovative and well designed e-learning and technology products.  Another area is the agile way that we manage our projects, getting our clients involved in the development from the earliest stages.  Lastly comes our pride in our customer service. We love making our clients …

entrepreneur network

Entrepreneurial Network

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Entrepreneurial Network I love chatting with other entrepreneurs. It’s great to hear their vision and insights into their journeys. I’ve even got a little Basecamp group for small community of Dubai based entrepreneurs. Some are still at the very fledgling stages and working full time with a side hustle, whilst others are well down the track and have already received …

Inzpire at FIA

Working with great clients

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Working with great clients We recently completed a project for the highly innovative company Inzpire.  They’ve been awarded top 100 best small companies to work for in the UK, and recently announced a no-cap leave policy.  Truly inspiring stuff! They wanted something cutting edge and engaging for the recent Farnborough Airshow, so we developed a touchscreen experience for them.  As …

Entrepreneurial Abundance

Entrepreneurial Abundance

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Entrepreneurial Abundance An idea that I’ve come across more and more is the idea of a mindset of abundance vs a mindset of scarcity.  I think that this can apply to most areas in life.  I want to explore it as it applies to entrepreneurship.  I’ve seen great examples of people thinking business is a zero sum game, I strongly …


Exhibiting for the first time & refining our message

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The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for us. We were accepted into an Incubator program, and as a part of that we were asked to attend and present at Innovation Arabia 9. This was a great experience for us, and represented a number of firsts as well. Let me explain further. Physical Materials It might be hard to …