Exhibiting for the first time & refining our message

Damian entrepreneurship

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for us. We were accepted into an Incubator program, and as a part of that we were asked to attend and present at Innovation Arabia 9. This was a great experience for us, and represented a number of firsts as well. Let me explain further. Physical Materials It might be hard to …

frustration1 - Staying the course

Staying the course

Damian entrepreneurship

Starting a business is hard, really hard.  It’s a hell of a roller coaster of emotions with incredible highs (landing that big client) and devastating lows (being told no).  Anyone can start a business in theory, but few are cut-out for it.  I love Nassim Taleb’s quote: ‘The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary’ – …

Quadrants of Activiites e1451974839221 - Quadrant 2 Thinking

Quadrant 2 Thinking

Damian entrepreneurship

I’m sure a lot of people right now are implementing their New Years Resolutions. Maybe they want to lose weight, go to they gym or be grateful. But what about for your professional life or your business – are you thinking about that? You may have already heard of the four quadrants of work, or the ‘Eisenhower Matrix’ but it’s …

2015 900x458 - Looking back on 2015

Looking back on 2015

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As we approach the Christmas and New Year season, it’s the ideal time to look back on what has been achieved. This past year has clearly been the foundation year for Capytech. Just twelve months ago, Jason and I were still working full time and we only had one other member in our team. 2015 is the year that we …