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Learning Management Systems

We are everything e-learning and that includes the LMS!

Capytech are experts in this field and spent years developing and supporting online learning platforms for businesses like yours.

Having your own LMS will allow you to adopt a modern blended learning approach; taking the best of classroom and online learning.

LMS Implementation

Our systems use the most modern technology and offer a comprehensive set of features that give you a variety of options for delivering your content. We can develop you a fully branded online platform to meet your organisation requirements.

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LMS Support & Training

Capytech will provide an amazing support package for your LMS, ensuring that it is always secure and ready for your learners. We will also train you and your staff on how to use the system to ensure you are getting the most out of your own LMS.


  • Certificates min - LMSCertificates

    Checklist min - LMS Checklist

    CST min - LMS Course Tracker

    Gamification min - LMS Gamification

    Grading Sheets min - LMS Grading sheets

  • Learning plan min - LMS Learning Plan

    Progress bar min - LMS Progress Bar

    Report Cards min - LMS Report Cards

    Wikipedia min - LMS Wikipedia

    Students worksheets min - LMS Worksheets

LMS Activities

  • Assignments min - LMS Assignments

    Choice min - LMS Choice

    Chat min - LMSChat

    Feedback min - LMS Feedback

    Forum min - LMS Forum

  • Glossary min - LMS Glossary

    Lesson min - LMS Lesson

    Quiz min - LMS Quiz

    Scorm min - LMS Scorm

    Survey min - LMS Survey

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